Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time for weevil control

  Wide spread rainfall over this past weekend has enabled pecan weevil adults to emerge from the soil in large numbers. Growers from Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri have all reported catching lots of weevils in their 'Circle' weevil traps.The time to control this perennial pecan pest is NOW!
     We started spraying our pecan orchard this morning and this year we are using Sevin XLR insecticide. Other isecticides labeled for pecan weevil control include Warrior II, Silencer, Hero and Proaxis.
   The photo shows a female pecan weevil looking for just the right spot to drill through shuck and shell to enable her to lay 5 to 7 eggs inside the pecan. To control pecan weevil, you must prevent female weevils from laying eggs.