Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pecan weevils emerge right on schedule

   We set up some weevil traps earlier in the week and right on schedule we caught our first adult weevil (photo at right).  The weevil in the photo is a male, and that's a penny at the bottom of the photo to give you an idea of the size of this insect.
   Over the last week we have received plentiful rainfall which translates into ideal soil conditions for an extended adult emergence period. Males weevils emerge first, followed by the females that should start emerging by next week.
    Although adult weevils will feed on nuts and cause nut drop while nuts are still sizing or in the water stage, the females will not be able to lay eggs inside the nut until the kernel starts to fill. With this year's late nut development schedule, I expect to see a lot of weevil induced nut drop during the first half of August.  Since they will be the first to develop kernel tissue, early ripening pecan cultivars will be especially attractive to female weevils looks for egg-laying locations

     If you have not installed pecan weevil traps in your orchard, build a few traps and attached them to trees that have had a history of heavy weevil infestations.  The traps will let you know when weevils are emerging and allow you to plan insecticide treatments. Check back on this blog to see when and why we decide to make our first weevil spray for 2013.