Monday, September 9, 2013

Nut development: 9 Sept 2013

   We've had another week of hot and dry weather and our pecans continue to fill out their kernels. Osage looks much the same as it did last week. A good rain shower would really help pack even more kernel inside the shell of Osage.
    Kanza has changed the most since last week. A week ago, Kanza kernel deposition had barely started. This week much of the inside of the shell is packed with kernel. Kanza, like Osage, still has discernible air spaces inside in the kernel, indicating that the kernel filling process is not yet complete.
   This week, Maramec has developed just a hint of kernel deposition. Note the thin layer of translucent green kernel that appears just on the inside of the seed coat of the kernel.  It also looks like our Maramec nuts will be smaller than normal this year. Scab has been difficult to control on Maramec this year and small nut size is only one of many negative affects pecan scab has on nut growth and development.