Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pecan cultivars that split shucks in early October 2013

Pawnee, 9 Oct. 2013
   After spending several days in the pecan breeding plot, I've finally had the opportunity to photograph more pecan cultivars as they ripen at the Pecan Experiment Field this year. Today I found Pawnee, Gardner, and Faith had split shuck. Two older northern cultivars, Posey and Peruque, had also split open. Notice the heavy scab infection on the Peruque nuts.
      And this is the first year we've had a good look at  a Stark Bros. pecan cultivar called Surecrop. Photo's of these cultivars are at right and below.
Gardner, 9 Oct. 2013

Faith, 9 Oct. 2013

Peruque, 9 Oct. 2013

Posey, 9 Oct. 2013

Surecrop, 9 Oct. 2013