Monday, September 22, 2014

Cultivars ripening by September 22

Osage, 22 Sept. 2014
   On such a beautiful day, I decided to look over the orchard in search for any more cultivars that have split shuck. I found three: Osage, USDA 64-11-17, and USDA 61-1-X.  These three cultivars all originated from the USDA pecan breeding project. Osage resulted from a cross of Major and Evers. USDA 64-11-17 have Barton and Starking Hardy Giant parents, while USDA 61-1-X came from a cross of Chickasaw and Starking Hardy Giant. Photos of these cultivars are posted at right and below.
USDA 64-11-17, 22 Sept. 2014
USDA 61-1-X, 22 Sept. 2014