Monday, October 6, 2014

Pecan cultivars ripening by October 6th

City Park, 6 Oct 2014
   Four more pecan cultivars in our collection ripened over the weekend (photos at right and below). The first, City Park, is a seedling of Giles that we planted down in the Chetopa city park on the banks of the Neosho River. This cultivar ripens at least 9 days before its Giles parent.
Surecrop, 6 Oct 2014
    Like 'City Park' the next three cultivars ripenintg this week are seedlings of named pecan cultivars. The only problem is that a positive identity of even the female parents are unknown. 
    Surecrop is a cultivar currently  propagated by Stark Bros. nursery. The original tree was a seedling pecan found growing as a yard tree in Carlinville, IL.
    Wiccamaw was the best tree among dozens of seedling trees planted by Mike Brigman of Golden City, MO. This cultivar was brought to my attention via the KNGA annual nut evaluations.
    Yates 68 originated as a seedling on the Ed Yates farm near Chrisney, IN. Ed's original pecan planting included Major, Posey, Greenriver, and Giles. Yates 68 most likely originated as a seedling from one of these northern pecan cultivars.   
Wiccamaw, 6 Oct 2014
Yates 68, 6 Oct 2014