Friday, October 23, 2015

Mid and late October ripening pecans

Chetopa, 19 Oct. 2015
     I've been so busy collecting nut samples in our pecan breeding block that I almost forgot to record photos of some mid and late October ripening cultivars. I completely missed the actual date when Giles and Chetopa ripened but from the photos I took on 19 Oct. 2015 it looks like they had split at least 7 days earlier (photos at right and below). In comparison, Maramec, Oconee, and Stuart have split during the third week of October (photos below).
   In looking over these nut photos, note that Giles, Chetopa, and especially Maramec have scab-infected shucks. Fortunately, the level of scab infection on these shucks did not prevent shuck-split. Oconee and Stuart nuts were free of scab.

Giles, 19 Oct. 2015

Maramec, 19 Oct. 2015
Oconee, 19 Oct. 2015
Stuart, 19 Oct. 2015