Monday, October 17, 2016

Pecan cultivars ripening in mid-October

Giles, 17 Oct. 2106
    Last week the Neosho River flooded our pecan grove. As soon a the flood receded, we received a day-long rain storm. Water and mud was everywhere. Today was the first day I could get out into the field to check on nut development. Since its been two weeks since I last checked for cultivars with shuck split, I found many pecan cultivars had ripened since early October. Photos of those cultivars ripening in mid-October are at right and below.
    Note that Giles, Chetopa, Maramec, Caddo, and Dooley have scab lesions on their shucks. Scab has reduced nut size and prevented normal shuck-split of Dooley especially. Greenriver, Lakota, Oswego,  and Oconee are scab free.
Chetopa, 17 Oct. 2106
Greenriver, 17 Oct. 2016

Lakota, 17 Oct. 2106
Oswego, 17 Oct. 2106
Maramec, 17 Oct. 2016

Caddo, 17 Oct. 2016

Dooley, 17 Oct. 2016
Oconee, 17 Oct. 2016