Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Harvest 2010

  The ground dried up in December, and the harvest season really kicked off in the Neosho River Bottoms. We had the first decent crop since the disastrous ice storm of 2007. For us the 2010 harvest went smoother than any year in recent memory. No mud, a decent ground cover to pick from, and the nuts seemed to fly across the cleaning table (very little junk to pick out). But best of all, our pecan harvesters made it through the entire season with out any major break downs. We met our target for getting all our nuts picked up by Christmas and the crop cleaned by the 1st week in January. Now all we have to do is get the crop shipped out.
   We did have one set back during the December harvest season. Our building was broken into with chainsaws and pecans stolen. I personally spent a lot of time with the sheriff's office trying to catch the thieves but it seems our laws are designed to protect the bad guys while making the victims of the crime (the Pecan Field) spend money we can't afford to replace essential equipment. Looks like we'll also be investing in additional security systems.