Friday, July 29, 2016

Time to set out pecan weevil traps

    Today, we set out several pecan weevil traps on trees that we expect to find plenty of weevils (photo at right).  With all the rainfall we have received this week, soil conditions should be perfect for weevil emergence. However, only a very few weevils usually emerge during the last week of July. The bulk of the weevil population emerges in mid-August if soil conditions remain moist.
    The long term forecast calls for hot and dry weather next week. As the soil dries and become hard, weevils will be unable to move out of their underground homes and adult weevil emergence will stop. The emergence period will not continue until we receive more rain. By setting out weevil traps, we will know exactly when weevils become active in the grove.
   Complete instructions for building your own weevil traps are given HERE.