Friday, August 12, 2016

Pecan development: 12 August 2016

    Another week of summer has past and its time to check on nut development.This week Kanza has achieved full water stage. Pawnee seem to be catching up to Kanza. Pawnee kernel halves have grown to full length but seed coat still needs to expand in volume to called full water stage. In comparison, Giles is still expanding in nut size with kernels barely past the 1/2 water stage.   

   This week, I cut open some early-ripening, northern, pecan cultivars. Usually, by this time in August,  Peruque nuts have started to fill out their kernels with nut meat. However, this year Peruque is still in the water stage. Mullahy nuts are starting to form a jell layer  just inside the seed coat. Of these three northern pecan cultivars, Goosepond kernel development was most advanced. White kernel tissue was starting to fill the inside of the seed coat.