Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall fertilization

    With showers predicted for Thursday night and Friday morning, we ran over to our local fertilizer dealer Thursday morning and picked up a load of urea. Every Fall we apply 100 lbs of urea/acre (46 lbs. N/Ac.) as part of our regular fertilizer program. Our cost for this fertilizer application was $27.15/ Ac.
   Earlier this year (March), we applied both nitrogen and potassium fertilizers to our pecan groves at a cost of $80.66/Ac. That brings our annual investment for fertilizer applications to a total of $107.81/Ac. In 2012 we applied a total of 115 lbs. N/Ac. and 60 lbs. K/Ac. Later this Fall,  I estimate that we will harvest at least 1300 lbs. pecan per acre from our native pecans. Fertilizing pecans not only increases yield, but every since we've adopted the twice a year fertilizer program, we decreased alternate bearing.