Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Productive and scab free: Kanza, Lakota and Oswego

Kanza nuts ready to shake
    Testing pecan cultivars has always been a big part of the my work. Choice of cultivar is critical for the long term success of a pecan planting. In recent years, I've emphasized the importance of grafting scab resisitant pecan cultivars to help reduce management costs. Three scab-free cultivars that have done exceptionally well at our location are Kanza, Lakota, and Oswego.

Kanza crop load


   With most of the leaves now fallen from the trees, I was able to get a good look at the nut crops produced by these three cultivars this year. While not limb breaking, Kanza, Lakota, and Oswego all held good crop loads (photos at left and below).  Nut size for the three cultivars was below normal (because of the 2012 drought) but all nuts showed good kernel fill.

Lakota crop load

Oswego crop load