Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rain changes everything

Soil Crack, summer 2011
   The summer's of 2011 and 2012 were hot and dry. It wasn't that long ago that I was taking photos of massive cracks in our river bottom soil (photo at right). Our trees suffered through those dry years producing a crop each year, but a crop with much smaller nuts. Earlier this year it looked like we were headed for another dry summer with little or no rain falling in June and early July. We were missing every 30% chance of rain and I was preparing myself for a third year of drought. Suddenly everything changed.

    It started to rain in late July and it has continued to rain frequently ever since. We've had over 12 inches of rain during the past 2 weeks and the Neosho River has flooded over its banks twice. The ground cover under the trees is growing like its springtime and we have water everywhere (photo below).

    All this moisture and humidity has led to weevils emerging and pecan scab spreading. Unfortunately, with showers falling nearly everyday and super saturated soil conditions it has been impossible to spray for these key pecan pests. But as soon as we get the opportunity, we will be applying an insecticide for weevil and stink bug control and a fungicide for scab control.
    Today, the Neosho River is starting to fall back into it banks but more rain is forecast for tonight. Another Flood? We'll have to wait and see.