Monday, September 19, 2016

Early ripening pecan cultivars splitting their shucks

Warren 346, 19 Sept 2016
   Today, I spent some time in our pecan cultivar trials and found that some of our early ripening cultivars have started to mature. I found eight cultivars with a majority of their nuts in shuck split (pictures at right and below). In fact, Warren 346 has been split for some time. Just look at the dry and blackened shucks ready to release Warren 346 nuts from the tree.
     By the end of the week I should be able to find even more cultivars fully ripe.
Canton, 19 Sept 2016
Henning, 19 Sept 2016
Lucas, 19 Sept 2016

Mullahy, 19 Sept 2016

Norton, 19 Sept 2016
Osage, 19 Sept 2016

SWB617, 19 Sept 2016