Monday, September 26, 2016

More pecan cultivars ripen in late September

Faith, 26 Sept 2016
    Today was a beautiful day go to the field and look for more cultivars with split shucks. The cultivars shown at right and below are all pecans that we haven't gained a lot of first hand experience with. Faith and Gardner are two cultivars that are very similar to Pawnee in nut size, shape, and shell-out but both ripened just a few days later than Pawnee.
    Hark, an impressive seedling of Major, split shuck ahead of both Major and Kanza (Kanza=Major X Shoshoni).
   Surecrop is a pecan named and propagated by Stark Bros. Nursery with the original tree found in Carlinville, IL. Waccamaw is a seedling of an unknown cultivar with the original tree growing in Golden City, MO. 

Gardner, 26 Sept 2016
Hark, 26 Sept. 2016
Surecrop, 26 Sept 2016
Waccamaw, 26 Sept 2016