Friday, September 23, 2016

More early ripening pecan cultivars

Colby, 23 Sept 2016
    After a week of warm and dry weather, I searched our pecan cultivar trials for more nuts that have split open their shucks. This time I found several USDA clones ripe as well as several well known pecan cultivars. Photos of these cultivars appear at right and below (I couldn't resist taking a photo of a eight-nut Pawnee cluster).

Goosepond, 23 Sept 2016

Pawnee, 23 Sept 2016

Shepherd, 23 Sept 2016
USDA 61-1-15, 23 Sept 2016
USDA 61-1-X, 23 Sept 2016
USDA 64-11-17, 23 Sept 2016