Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time for Fall fertilization of native pecan groves

    Today we applied 100 lbs.of urea per acre (46 lbs N/Ac) to our pecan grove (photo above). Fall fertilization has proven to be a good way to build nitrogen reserves in native pecan trees, boost yields, and reduce alternate bearing. We generally make this fall application soon after Oct. 1 but wait to time the application to coincide with a rainfall event. This morning, we had a brief shower (.11 inches) so we decided to rush over to the COOP and pick up a load of urea. The ground was still damp when we applied the fertilizer allowing the urea to melt into soil almost immediately.
    Next March we will make another fertilizer application but will add potassium to the mix. Our normal Spring fertilizer application is 150 lbs. urea and 100 lbs. potash/ acre  (69 lbs. N and 60 Lbs. K).