Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Pecan cultivars that ripened in October

Jayhawk, 4 Oct. 2023  

      In my area of Kansas, pecan cultivars must ripen by mid-October to reliably split open their shucks before the first killing freeze in the Fall. Pictured here are some of the cultivars that ripened during the first 2 weeks of October in my orchard.

Shepherd, 6 Oct. 2023

KT330, 6 Oct. 2023

Labette, 9 Oct. 2023

St. Paul, 13 Oct. 2023


    Jayhawk -- an open-pollinated seedling of Giles

    Shepherd -- a native seedling from Central Missouri

    KT330 -- a selection from my breeding project. The result of a cross of Pawnee and                                 Greenriver.

    Labette -- tested as KT334 from my breeding project. A cross of Pawnee and Greenriver. 

    St. Paul -- tested as KT201 from my breeding project. A cross of Pawnee and Major.


Monday, October 2, 2023

Pecan cultivars continue to ripen as we head into October


Kanza, 2 Oct. 2023
  This year I recorded October 2nd as the ripening date for Kanza. My Kanza trees have produced an excellent crop this year as you can tell by the photo at right. When Kanza first splits open, the shucks hardly open up. All you will see is a slight crack between shuck quarters. During most years, it is a killing freeze that finally kills the green husk and allows Kanza nuts to fall free at tree shaking. 

   I found several other pecan cultivars that ripened at the same time as Kanza. Their photos appear below.

Hark, 2 Oct. 2023

Pleasanton, 2 Oct. 2023

Yates 68, 29 Sept. 2023