Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nut development: 3 Sept 2013

     The calender says its September, but nut development looks more like August. Even after the return of summer temperatures (lows in the 70's, highs in the 90's) pecan devlopment is very late this year.
      Since last week, Osage has really packed in the kernel (photo at right). If you look at last week's post you'll find that Osage had just started to lay down kernel tissue. This week much of the interior of the nut is filled with kernel with only a few air pockets remaining. For Osage, the kernel filling period is not over but is nearing an end.
    This week Kanza has started to lay down a thin, translucent layer of kernel (photo at left). Compare this photo to the photo of Osage taken last week and you'll see how similar they look. Will Kanza nuts fill out most of their kernel over the course of this week. The forecast for continued summertime weather bodes well for rapid kernel fill.
    The kernel cavity of Maramec has enlarged since last week but kernel deposition has yet to begin (photo at right). The average date of first fall freeze in our area is October 25. Will Maramec develop in time? Will have to wait and see.