Friday, February 12, 2016

Thinning trees from a Kanza block

    In keeping with our plan to gradually thin our block of Kanza trees, I cut down nine trees yesterday (photo at right).  We started thinning this block of 144 trees back in 2012, removing 5 to 9 trees each year since that time. So far we have removed a total of 34 trees in 5 years time.

    The map at left shows the position of the trees we removed in 2016. Each green circle represents a tree with the diameter of the circle proportional the the diameter of the tree. The black circles represent trees removed this week.
    So far I've been pleased this this progressive approach to orchard thinning. By removing just a few trees each year we have been able to prevent orchard overcrowding while maintaining total orchard yield. You can review the yield and tree removal history of this block of Kanza trees in this post:

Kanza nut yield for 2015