Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Spring fertilizer application in the pecan grove

   With pecan buds swelling and the soil dry enough, today was a good day to spread some fertilizer on my pecan orchard (photo at right).
    Earlier this year I took a soil sample to test for phosphorus, potassium and soil pH. As I suspected and based on my soil type, the results showed I was low in P, K and lime. So today, I started by applying a complete fertilizer mix to my orchard. I spread 64 lbs/acre N, 46 lbs/acre P, and 45 lbs/acre K.
  You might recall, that I started this complete fertilizer regimen last fall and will continue until I build up the P and K levels in the soil until they reach sufficient levels according to soil tests.
   I also plan on getting some lime applied to the soil in the grove. My soil has dropped down to below pH 6 and I need to add lime to sweeten the soil back up to around 6.5. Once I contract a liming service, I plan on using a pasture harrow to rake the surface applied lime into the soil. I'll show that operation within the pages of this blog once I get the lime applied.