Saturday, April 11, 2020

Spring fertilizer application

    Over the past week, a stretch of dry weather has allowed the soils in my pecan grove to dry up enough to permit making my annual Spring application of fertilizer. With rain in the forecast for Easter Sunday, I rushed over to my local farm Coop to pick up a fertilizer buggy filled with N, P and K. This Spring, I broadcast a total of 69 lbs. nitrogen, 29 lbs. phosphorus and 38 lbs. potassium per acre. I made this application by mixing 2 parts Urea with one part DAP and one part Potash then spreading this mixture at the rate of 250 lbs./acre. 
   Remember, this spring application is only one half of the total fertilizer I apply to my trees each year. This past October, I spread N, P, and K on the trees just before harvest.