Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Training young pecan trees: An Introduction

   I have talked about many aspects of pecan tree training in posts scattered throughout this blog. Now its time to put it all together.
   The primary objective for  pruning a  young pecan tree is to develop a strong trunk. To do that, I think its important to understand how trees grow and how they respond to pruning and the environment. In the past, pecan trees always seemed grow in ways that work against our best pruning efforts to develop a strong central leader. However, if you follow the guidelines set forth in this blog series, you'll learn to work with the tree and direct its growth into building strong tree trunk.
    The training young trees series consists of the following posts:
                1. Tree growth habits
                2. The 2 foot rule
                3. Corrective vs. directive pruning
                4. The problem of stalked buds
                5. When to start training
                6. Summing up
The posts are arranged in order as you scroll  down through the blog. However, you can jump to a specific topic by using the links in the chapter list above.