Monday, August 20, 2012

Drought leads to poor kernel filling

    Its been 10 days since we last looked at the kernel development of Osage, Kanza, and Maramec pecans (see previous post). In the photo above, you can see that both Osage and Kanza have well defined kernels. Maramec is just starting the kernel filling process (note thin layer of kernel developed around the still water-filled void). It is also interesting to note how small the this year's Maramec nut is compared to what we usually except from Maramec.  In a normal year, Maramec is one of the largest nuts we can grow in SE Kansas and is often 1.5 times larger in diameter than Kanza.
    At his point, the kernels of all three cultivars show major air voids and a lack of full kernel development. Last year we were seeing the same kind of poor kernel fill and then we received a major rainfall event that help fill out the kernels. The weather man is promising a general, area-wide rain this coming weekend. Lets hope he's right. If we do not receive a significant rain within the next 3 weeks the 2012 drought will be the cause of record poor kernel quality.