Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mid-season pecan cultivars ripen in late September

   Today's weather was prefect for checking on the development of this year's pecan crop. I found that five more cultivars had split their shucks since last week. Here we are, the last week of September, and I'm seeing cultivars that usually ripen in mid-October fully shuck split today.
    Lakota was shuck split today, one week after Pawnee and Kanza. USDA 63-16-182, a sister of Pawnee, was also shuck split today. Greenriver, Chetopa, and Jayhawk had split their shucks over the past week but Giles, which usually ripens at the same time as Chetopa,  was still not mature. Jayhawk, a Giles seedling, also matured before its parent cultivar.
USDA 63-16-182