Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More early ripening pecan cultivars

       Looks like the entire pecan ripening season will be about 2 weeks earlier than normal. This week I found more cultivars with split shucks.
    It looks like Colby split the shuck during the first week of September (photo at right).
    It may be hard to see in this photo but you there is a slight crack in the green hull were the shuck has split along the raised suture of this James pecan (photo at left).
    Norton was fully ripe this week. The shuck is still holding onto the pecan but all four sutures on every nut are split open (photo at right).
    Peruque usually ripens during the last week of September at the Pecan Experiment Field. However, as of September 11 our Peruque crop is full mature (photo at left).
    Like James, the Shepherd pecan cultivar is just starting to split this week (photo at right). Interestingly, both James and Shepherd originated north of the Missouri River in central Missouri.