Friday, September 25, 2015

More pecan cultivars ripen in late September

Colby, 25 Sept. 2015
    This morning I took a ride in our hydraulic lift so I could get up into pecan tree canopies to check on nut ripening. I found that 10 more cultivars had split shuck including; Colby, Gardner, Goosepond, Major, Mandan, Pawnee, Peruque, Witte and two USDA selections 63-16-182 and 64-11-17 (photos at right and below).
    Among the cultivars I photographed today only Major is resistant to pecan scab. While most cultivars in our trials received 3 fungicide applications, our Goosepond trees are located within a native grove and receive only a single spray. As a result, all the Goosepond nuts were covered with scab. What I found interesting was that many Goosepond nuts still split shuck and will release a smaller-than-normal but sale-able nut.
   Colby and Peruque nuts exhibited high levels of scab despite receiving 3 doses of fungicides. The difficulty we have controlling scab on Peruque and Colby is just one reason among others that these northern cultivars are no longer being grafted into new orchards.

Gardner, 25 Sept. 2015

Goosepond, 25 Sept. 2015

Major, 25 Sept. 2015

Mandan, 25 Sept. 2015

Pawnee, 25 Sept. 2015

Peruque, 25 Sept. 2015

Witte, 25 Sept. 2015

USDA 63-16-182 ('Eclipse'), 25 Sept. 2015

USDA 64-11-17, 25 Sept. 2015