Friday, October 9, 2015

Pecan cultivars ripening during first week of October

Caddo, 8 Oct. 2015
  Yesterday, I took a quick tour of our research trials to find pecan cultivars that ripened during the first week of October. I found that Caddo, Chickasaw, Greenriver, Jayhawk, Lakota, Niblack, and Oswego had split shuck since the last time I checked our cultivar trials on September 29th (photos at right and below) . Judging from the crop loads I'm seeing on all trees, both improved and native, 2015 will be an excellent harvest year.

Chickasaw, 8 Oct. 2015

Greenriver, 8 Oct. 2015

Jayhawk, 8 Oct. 2015

Lakota, 8 Oct. 2015

Niblack, 8 Oct. 2015

Oswego, 8 Oct. 2015