Friday, October 19, 2018

Cultivars splitting shuck in Mid-October

USDA 64-4-2, 8 Oct. 2018
  On my farm, I have tried to limit the number of pecan cultivars I have grafted. I have focused on cultivars with both scab resistance and outstanding kernel quality. Hopefully I've picked some cultivars that produce nut crops that will be enjoyed by customers that visit our roadside market.
   Four more pecan cultivars split their shucks on my farm in Mid-October. USDA 64-4-2 split shuck of Oct. 8th, Lakota split on Oct. 16th and Greenriver split on Oct. 19th. Oswego ripened at the same time as it parent, Greenriver, but I was unable to get a good photo because my neighborhood squirrels seems to prefer Oswego nuts (the tree is near a pine wind break which makes excellent cover for squirrels). Photos of these cultivars can be seen at right and below.
Lakota, 16 Oct. 2018
Greenriver, 19 Oct. 2018