Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Cultivars that ripen on the same day as Pawnee

Pawnee, 27 Sept. 2023.
     Pawnee is one of the most popular pecan cultivars adapted to short season climates (photo at right). Large nut size and early ripening are the main positive cultivar characteristics for Pawnee. Severe susceptibility to pecan scan disease is the primary production drawback.

     Since Pawnee is so widely known by pecan growers across the nation, I think it is important to look at a few other cultivars that ripened on the same day as Pawnee (photos below) This year, my Pawnee trees split shuck on 27 Sept. 2023.

Gardner, 27 Sept. 2023

Waccamaw, 27 Sept. 2023

Cultivar Notes:

1. Gardner was found as a chance seedling in Gardner Kansas. This cultivar is very similar in size and appearance to Pawnee but I prefer the nut quality of Gardner over Pawnee. Gardner is susceptible to pecan scab but is not as severely effected as Pawnee.

2. Waccamaw originated as a chance seedling grown in Golden City, MO. Waccamaw nuts are similar in size to Pawnee. I'm still evaluating this cultivar for its reaction to the pecan scab fungus.