Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Pecan shuck split dates for of early ripening cultivars

     This fall, timely rain showers have helped pop open pecan shucks on a more normal schedule. Over the past week,  I've been photographing each cultivar on the day I find at least 50% of nut shucks on the tree split open. Below you will find photos of named cultivars, USDA advanced selections, and a few numbered selections from my breeding project. 


Caney, 22 Sept. 2023

USDA 92-2-148, 22 Sept. 2023

KT121, 22 Sept. 2023

Liberty, 23 Sept. 2023

USDA 61-1-X, 23 Sept. 2023

Thayer, 25 Sept. 2023

KT307, 25 Sept. 2023

Notes on cultivars shown above:

1) Caney, Liberty, and Thayer are cultivars I've named from my pecan breeding project. Caney was tested as KT129, Liberty was tested as KT316, and Thayer was tested as KT255.

2) the two USDA clones have not been named and may never be given names. 

3) the clones KT121 and KT307 are from my breeding project. At this point, I'm still evaluating them but they look promising. All of my breeding selections are labeled starting with KT which is simply short for Kansas Tree.  The numbers denote the row and tree number in my pecan breeding block.

4) I've decided to name all my pecan cultivars in honor of small rural towns located in SE Kansas.